Title Written by Original airdate Production code
Assemble Omni TBD 101 & 102
Nick Fury bands together Earth's Mightiest Heroes to stop Loki from using the Tesseract 210px
Doom's Day Omni TBD 103
After things settle down with Loki, Dr Doom attacks the Avengers to steal the Tesseract. Doom's Day
Juggernaut Your Day. Omni TBD 104

The Unstoppable Juggernaut attacks Stark Tower in order to destroy the Arc Reactor.

Evil Deadpool Omni TBD 105

Deadpool attacks Captain America at Liberty Island for no reason, and leaves him for dead.

The Skull and the Soldier Omni TBD 106

Captain America's greatest foe, the Red Skull, tries to steal SHIELD's Tesseract piece with his accomplice, The Winter Soldier.

Uncommon Thieves Omni TBD 107

The city is disrupted when Mysterio and Black Cat wage an all out Crime Battle for a piece of the Tesseract.

Rise of Wakanda Omni TBD 108

The Black Panther summons the Avengers to Wakanda to defend them from the Vision, who wants to steal Wakanda's Vibranium.

Pain Factor Omni TBD 109

Deadpool gets his own TV show, and forces all the other Avengers to participate in his deadly game show.

The Coldest Day of the Year Omni TBD 110

Malekith the Accursed plots revenge on Thor and steals the Casket of Ancient Winters from the Asgardian Vault

Weapon X Omni TBD 111

Wolverine and Deadpool's old team, the Weapon X Program, attack the Avengers, for one price, Wolverine's Head.

Infinity Squared Omni TBD 112 & 113

Thanos, the cosmic being, has almost collected all the Infinity Gems to power his Gauntlet, the only one missing is the crystal that powers the Arc Reactor.

Hulk'd Out Omni TBD 114

Red Hulk attacks SHIELD, but SHIELD thinks it's the original Hulk.

Shadowland Omni TBD 115 & 116

Spider-Man and Wolverine assist Daredevil, Elektra, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, Punisher and Moon Knight as they take down Kingpin and his goons.

Fearless Four Omni TBD 117

Wolverine convinces Deadpool and Spider-Man to leave the Avengers and form their own team, which is joined by Daredevil.

The Ant-man Cometh Omni TBD 118

Nick Fury enlists the help of Hank Pym to create a security drone based on the Vision's technology.

The Man Out of Time Omni TBD 119

One of Captain America's old foes, Baron Zemo, attacks Avengers Tower.

Heroes for Hire Omni TBD 120

Nick Fury enlists Iron Fist and Luke Cage to help out the Avengers in a stealth case.

The Masters of Evil Omni TBD 121


The Man of Time Omni TBD 122


The Itsy Bitsy Spiders Omni Madame Web messes something up in the timestream and four different universe Spider-Men get called to fix it (TOTALLY NOT SHATTERED DIMENSIONS). 123


Earth's Mightiest Heroes Omni TBD 124



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