Real Name Aaron Mallow
Current Alias Wasabi
Relatives Ginger Mallow (sister)
Affiliation Big Hero 6
Base of Operations San Fransokyo
Identity No Dual Identity
Marital Status Single
Occupation Applied Physics Student
Gender Male
Eyes Brown
Hair Brown
Universe Earth-12041
First Appearance
Ultimate Spider-Man & Big Hero 6 Crossover


Powers & Abilities


Like the rest of his teammates, Wasabi's scietifically engineered abilities are based off his latest school project; laser induced plasma. In addition to his natural physical strength & scientific skill, Wasabi's suit contains a pair of retractable plasma blades housed in the forearms. These blades are razor sharp & can slice through most, if not all, materials with relative ease. In battle, Wasabi appears to be the most powerful (or capable) member of the team, excluding Baymax, as seen when he used his plasma blades & own physical agility to counter nearly every one of Yokai's attacks. He has very quick reflexes, as shown during training when he easily cut down all of the tennis balls aimed at him from the quick tennis ball cannon without getting injured & was able to hold his own for a short time against Yokai (while not overpowered, Yokai was able to use the microbots to grab Wasabi's feet).




Battle Bots


  • Wasabi is multilingual, being fluent in English, Spanish, Klingon.
  • Wasabi is actually a nickname given to him by Fred, for spilling wasabi on his shirt. Wasabi claims "it was one time!".
  • He may be a germophobe as he is shown wearing sterlie gloves while working with his experiments & was the most grossed out by Fred's statements about how he rarely washed his clothes. He was also worried when everyone went to the abandoned Krei lab because it was quarantined.
  • He has acrophobia (fear of heights).

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