Anthony Stark is from the reality Earth-616.1.

Iron Man

Real Name:

Anthony Stark

Current Alias:

Iron Man


Tony,Mr.Stark,Rust Man


Howard Stark,Maria Stark,Jordan Stark


Stark Industries

Base Of Operations:

New York







First Appearance:

Invincible Iron Man #1

Early Life

Anthony Tony Stark was born on June 6, 1983. When Anthony was 17 his father died in a car crash and Obadiah Stane became the CEO of Stark Industries. Anthony later became the CEO of Stark Industries and he made a friend named James Rhodey Rhodes.

Invincible Iron Man #1

Anthony then went to Afganastan to see his friend Rhodey and to present the new Stark weapons. Later Anthony gets shot in the chest and he gets captured by a society known as the Ten Rings. Anthony later has a shrapnel instead of a heart made by Ho Yinsen. The Ten Rings command Anthony to build the Gyser Missle. Instead Anthony makes a suit of gray armor known as the Mark 1. Anthony succesfully defeats the Ten Rings but Yinsen dies and Anthony flies off to a far away desert. Anthony then takes off his suit and leaves it in the desert. Later Rhodey finds Anthony and lets him in the helicopter. Anthony then says high to his friend Pepper Potts. Anthony then remembers to go to the Stark party. Pepper and Anthony dance with eachother until the Mandarin ruins the party. Anthony and Pepper go back to Stark Industries. Anthony then gets in an all new red and gold armor called the Mark 2. Anthony will soon fight the Mandarin.

When Anthony is flying to Stark International the Mandarin is causing trouble. Anthony now dubbing himself Iron Man fights off the Mandarin with his repulsors. The Mandarin blocks the attack with his ten magical rings. Tony then uses his arc reactor and the Mandarin goes to prison while his rings go into a museum. Anthony then tells everbody that he is Iron Man and he becomes famous.

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