Arachnid is a tv series which chronicles the saga of Peter Parker in the HAU.


Season One

Peter Parker seems to have everything- smarts, friends, athleticism, and money. But at night he is haunted by vivid dreams, and takes to the city as the vigilante Arachnid. What is Peter Parker looking for? Join his friends ex-thief Felicia Hardy, aspiring actress Mary-Jane Watson, society boy Harry Osborn, kung-fu artist Danny Rand, and detective Carlie Cooper in finding out.

Season Two

In his hunt for information about his Uncle's demise, Peter discovered that everything he thought he knew about himself was a lie. As the fatalities of his secret life begin to add up, Peter is confronted by a mysterious figure named Webber which kickstart Arachnid on a war with the mysterious cirporation known as Oscorp. 

Season Three

Peter Reilly has regained his lost memories, kidnapped twin brother, and life. Unfortunately, now that he knows the true enemy, they aren't going to let him live to tell any tales. Joine dby Warrior (Danny Rand); Centurion (Harry Osborn); Feline (Felicia Hardy); and Power (Luke Cage), Peter and Ben Reilly prepare to face the man who destroyed their lives- Tony Stark!



Other Characters

  • J. Jonah Jameson
  • May Parker
  • Ben Parker


  • Oscorp
    • Dr. Otto Octavious
    • Hobgoblin (Liz Allan)
    • TBA
    • TBA
    • TBA
    • TBA
    • TBA
  • Starktech
    • Iron Monger (Tony Stark)
    • War (James Rhodes)

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