Avengers, Re-assemble! is the first episode of Marvel's The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes. It is written by Rob Macaroni.


We see Stark Towers from the inside, where a jail is. Inside the jail is Loki. A figure comes up to Loki, and sets Loki free. Loki smiles, and dashes out of the room. An alarm goes off. Soon, Iron Man is in front of Loki. Iron Man shoots a beam at Loki, but Loki knocks it away with his fist.

Loki brings out a magic staff, and shoots a beam at Iron Man. Iron Man is sent flying back. Iron Man flies through three sets of walls, but gets up. He flies torwards Loki, but Loki quickly moves out of the way, and Iron Man flies into another wall.

Iron Man brings out a enhanced walkie-talkie. He presses a button. The scene changes and we see Captain America fighting a villian. A beeping noise comes from his pocket. "Incoming transmission for Steve Rogers;sent by Anthony Stark." a enhanced walkie-talkie says.

Captain America gets out the walkie-talkie and presses a button. "Make it quick, Iron Man. Im in the middle of fighting bad guys here." Captain America says into the walkie-talkie. "Loki's escaped." Suddenly, nobody speaks. Captain America hangs up the walkie-talkie, and puts it back into his pocket.

"I don't have time for you." Captain America says to the villian. He throws the shield at the villian, and the villian flies back and hits a wall, falling unconcious. The shield flies back to Captain America, and Captain America grabs it. He runs out of the room, and runs to Stark Towers.

Captain America runs into the room, and throws his shield at Loki. Loki deflects the shield, sending it flying backwards into Captain America, who grabs it. Loki runs out of the room. Iron Man looks at Captain America, and Captain America nods. Iron Man brings out the walkie-talkie. ""

A green figure jumped out of the sky. As it collided with Earth, it made a crack in the ground. A figure started flieng down torwards them, they all noticed it was setting the sky ablaze with lightning. When it landed, the lightning stopped. Iron Man walked up to the two figures.

"Welcome back, Hulk and Thor." Iron Man said. Soon, an arrow whizzed by Captain America's face, and collided with a tree. It stuck to the tree. A figure came zooming torwards them, also holding a feminine figure in it's hands. Soon, it was revealed to be Hawkeye and Black Widow.

"Avengers, Loki has escaped Stark Towers. We must defeat him once again before he conquers the Earth." Captain America says, with confidence.

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