Odinforce 1175

Odinforce finally lifting Mjolnir.

Odinforce always felt weird growing up among gods. As Prince of Asgard, he was well-respected by all, and by King Thor and Queen Enchantress (his parents). But he always felt like something was missing. He realized that that was the human element that his father had while on Earth. He was forever asking to journey to Earth, but he was needed in Asgard, especially after Grandfather Odin's death. But when the new team of Avengers formed, he saw a golden opportunity. Balder was sent to Earth by his father as Asgardian Ambassador, and has been secretly been participating in missions under the name Odinforce (for the source of his power and for his grandfather).


Thor and Enchantress had been in love for some time now, but something had to come of it. So, they decided to have a child. The same day, a major war was being fought. The day that Enchantress found out she was pregnant, Balder the Brave was killed in combat. Thor said, that if they were to have a son, they would name him Balder, for his fallen friend. And so it was, that Balder Thorson entered the world.

Growing up the Prince of Asgard, Balder was born with a silver spoon in his nose. If it wasn't the finest, is wasn't allowed for him. He didn't agree with this, but to challenge the Asgardian royalty when they were also your parents could end in no way but their way. So he just let it be. His closest friends were holograms that he made for himself. Life was lonely, but Asgard had lots of fun to offer. One day, Enchantress told him about the Seven Realms, and he decided fighting Frost Giants was a good way to go. He brought with him the fabled hammer of Mjolnir, and set out to kick some ice butt. He was doing well until his father showed up. After being yelled at, he realized he could no longer lift the hammer. He was sent home, and was punished, but eventually he fixed his mistakes.

He was told stories as a kid by his father; mainly tales of a group called the Avengers. He loved hearing of the foes his father faced on Midgard, and felt like he belonged there, but again, he could not ask. But when he had his mother help him view the present Avengers, he saw that they were reforming, but with children. He could easily recognize a chance when he saw it. He approached his father, asking if he could journey to Earth to observe the Avengers. His father agreed, saying it had been too long since Earth had seen an Asgardian. He was sent to act as an "ambassador" of sorts. Upon finding the Avengers, and the words "son of Thor" leaving his mouth, he was inducted into the group. He found joy in fighting alongside the newest heroes of the realm, that said, his father never gave him permission to fight.

Powers and Abilities

Powers: Being an Asgardian, Balder has these abilities:

  • Superhuman Strength: 100 tons.
  • Superhuman Stamina: He does not tire, and can fight for days without end.
  • Superhuman Speed: Odinforce can run at speeds of Mach II.
  • Self-Sustenance: Odinforce needs very little food to survive.
  • Invulnerable: Odinforce can only be injured through magic.
  • Healing Factor: Balder can heal injuries not quite as fast as Howl, but very close.
  • Enhanced Longevity: Balder could live for over 400 years.

Tectonic Control: Due to his grandmother being Gaea, Balder has complete control of the Earth, and can create earthquakes by clapping, and can cause volcanic eruptions with a wave of his hand.

Odinforce: By tapping the Odinforce, and merging it with his mother's sorcery, he can achieve many effects:

  • Teleportation (short range and across dimensions)
  • Levitation
  • Intangibility
  • Energy blasts
  • Can submit women and men to his will
  • Telepathy
  • Illusion creation
  • Physical and mental paralysis
  • Deflection of force
  • Forced sleep
  • Element transmutation
  • Shape-shifting
  • And possibly more, given time and practice.

Abilities: Proficient Combatant: Odinforce is well-versed in the arts of combat.

Indomitable Will: Odinforce's will can't be bent to that of others.

Mental Resistance: All telepaths are injured upon trying to enter his mind.

Weapons: Odinforce has wielded Mjolnir from time to time, and currently wields it. It allows weather control, flight, resurrection, magic disruption, invisibility, energy absorption, and electric blasts, as well as the classic "worthiness" enchantment.

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