Super Soldier


Tri-Human ( Mutate )

Real Name

Steven Grant Rogers


Artificially Enhanced Physiology
Master Martial Artist
Indomitable Will










6'0" ( Pre-serum)
6'6" ( Post-serum )


220 lbs ( Pre-serum )
550 lbs ( Post-serum )

Physical Attributes

Strength & Power & Jumping



Striking 'WITHOUT' shield

Striking 'WITH' shield


Speed & Reflexes & Agility



Durability & Stamina & Endurance

Tanked multiple grenades at once
Tanks multiple hits from grenade launchers
Only got K.O from this massive explosion
Barely shaken after taking a massive explosion at point blank
Only got his ear hurt a little being at the centre of this massive explosion
Shrugs off being hit by a semi-trailer truck moving max speed
Shrugs off an explosion created by Gambit
Get bombarded and then a beating a mind-control Thor, still has the power to save the day
Can tank a bomb which will blow up the train he is standing on
Tanks Klaw's giant sonic attack at full power. Klaws can convert sound into controlled blasts of concussive force with a maximum force equivalent to 3,000 pounds of TNT ( building level ). A healthy soldier will die even with his shield intact, so imagine what it must be like with Steve using a broken one
Tanks a building size level explosion
Tanks an explosion which destroys a blimps
Shrugs off a beating from an amped RS and a building falling on of him . Stated to get up after a house falls on his head like nothing
Got hit by Tony with enough to put a man-size hole on a jet, completely fine
Only K.O after receiving a blast that sends him flying through 3 buildings
Shrugs off being slammed through a bridge by War machine
Unharmed after all of this
War Machine was sure going faster would tear Steve's skin off, but guess Cap isn't as soft as he thought

Batroc hits Cap with enough force to immobile a normal man for hours, Cap shrug it off like it is nothing
Tanks a hit from Creel
Was fine even after being punched with enough force to destroy a truck
Endures a beating from Red Skull. Skull is everything he is, but better
Fought equally with Protocide. Does it again, and again. Protocide is the guy who can destroy car and truck with his bare hands, shrug off falls from multi-stories buildings , and survive this massive explosion
Exchanges hit with Kleiser on equal ground. The same Kleiser can throw truck around like toy, and destroy bunker's metal door like nothing
Recovers almost instantly from being hit by Warrior Woman
Took a punch from an angry Spidey
Okay after being slammed into a wall by a mind control Namor
Unharmed being hit by Giant-Man with enough force to destroy a jeep
Shrugs off being hit by Abomination at full power
Tank multiple hits from Hulk. Shrugs off a hit from Nerd Hulk
Takes a beating from Juggernaut like it is nothing
Tanks beatings from super humans and a full-force tackle by Iron Man
Sent flying multiple city blocks away by Thor, remain unharmed
Fine after falling from multiple stories. Other examples :1, 2, 3
Casually jumps off skyscraper
Unhurt when landing with enough force to leave craters on concrete ground
Fine being tossed by War Machine with enough force to destroy the ground and nearly K.O John Steel, and Steel is described to be "nearly indestructible"
"Parachutes are for girls"
Cap loves jumping out of helicopter. Does it again
Took dozens of tranquillisers into his body, a beating from S.H.I.E.L.D enhanced agents, then a tackle from Iron Man to finally K.O him. The S.H.I.E.L.D agents alone are a match for the Liberators, who can flip the statue of liberty with just a few of them

Regeneration & Recovery & Immunity

Senses & Awareness & Instincts

Mental Attributes

Quickly learns military knowledge derived from thousands of year of warfare
His mind itself is a weapon
Lears things faster than a computer


Energy shield

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