Super Soldier


New Hyuman ( Mutate )

Real Name

Steven Grant Rogers


Super-Soldier Serum (Original)
Lazarus Compound
Combat Enhancer Drug


Shield ( Triangle & Round )
Military Equipments
S.H.I.E.L.D Equipments
Stark Equipments






Martal Arts Grandmaster
Weapon Mastery
Master Tactician & Strategist
Indomitable Will
Master Acrobat
Master Marksmanship
Master Vehicular User


6'0" ( Pre-serum)
6'6" ( Post-serum )


220 lbs ( Pre-serum )
550 lbs ( Post-serum )


100's ( Actual age )
30 ( Biologically )

Modern Feats

Physical Attributes

Strength & Power & Jumping



Striking 'WITHOUT' shield

Striking 'WITH' shield


Speed & Reflexes & Agility



Catches a shield tossed by Ultron then use it to deflect another one
Reacts to multiple arrows shot by Hawkeye
Redirects an arrow back to Hawkeye
Reacts to arrows shot by Super Adaptoid
Deflects a knife thrown by U.S Agent at close range
Dodges an arrow while in mid-air and at point black range
Reacts to an arrow and multiple explosions point blank
Reacts to darkstar's energy attack
Reacts to tank shells
Dodges Hulk's punches . Hulk is fast enough to do this
Intercepts two bullets in mid-air and dodge one
Dodge a bullet after it has been fired
Described by Bucky to be so fast that he can deflect bullets
Block and dodge bullets after they have been fired
Blocks bullets after they have been fired again. Another one
Dodged and blocked bullets mid-air then explained why he can dodge bullets
Cap can use his Chi to allow him to see the world in slow-mo, as evident when he taught Spidey how to do it
Deflects a bullet back to its shooter
Redirects multiple energy bullets to take out HYDRA's goons
Dodge multiple energy bullets
Redirects Hawkeye's projectiles back at him
Perfectly redirects a bullet to hit the person he wants
Almost untouched in a rain of bullets
Reacts to a blitzing Hyperion
Reacts to multiple energy bullets AFTER they have been fired
Reacts to Iron Man's repulsor beam. Does it again
Reacts to a shield toss from Adaptoid and Iron Man's repulsor beam. Cap just dodge the shield, and din't know that following behind it is the repulsor beams, meaning that he would have to dodge it after it has been fired
Reacts to Super Adaptoid's repulsor beam
Reacts to Grandmaster's laser atatck
Reacts to an energy beam only when it is near his face
Dodges Hyperions's laser. Reacts to it again
Possesses lightning-quick reflexes
Impresses even Proxima Midnight with his reflexes
Reacts to Screaming Mimi's and Beetle's projectiles

Durability & Stamina & Endurance

Energy Based

Blunt Force

Instantly recovers from having Namor break his arm
Keeps walking after being shot twice
Quickly recovers from a bullet to the shoulder
Shot multiple times in the chest, still manage to fight on
Fights off the pain of being shot instantly
Shows no pain being hit by bullets
Resistance against electricity. Other examples :1, 2, 3,4, 5
Endures amped Red Hulk's fire. Does it again
Instantly recovers from Thor's lighting which sends him flying through a wall
Endures Odin's lighting
The soldiers in this feat question how he can endure such a toture
Remained fine after being shocked and slammed into a car
Unharmed leaping through the fire theses plane's engines to get to the plane
Stays for over half a minute under freezing and receives no damages
Survives a long time in the cold
Doesn't break even under this insane torture. Then escapes and beats the shit out of the super soldier who put him under this torture . Note that this super soldier is stronger than cap himself
Endures being in an anti-matter core long enough to reach the cosmic cube
Survives a long period of time in an energy core
Took a beating from Iron Man, then endures a frequency that instantly put a human's brain down and a massive explosion point blank
Took beatings from Zola's mutates, Zola himself, and Jet Zola (Zola's daughter), all of whom has a higher degree of superhuman strength than himself. Then get up and stabs a sword through his chest to stop the Zola viruses, yet still retains enough strength to go save his sun. This is how strong Jet is and this is how strong Zola is
Saved the day while having his serum drained out of him
Did a HALO jump from 10 miles up and still ok despite the lack of pressure
Endures the energy of the Power Stone running through his body
Shrugs off being shot into the ground and endures Banshee's scream point blank
Took a beating from Eimin, then had part of his body melt due to acid. Yet, by the time Thor arrived to save him, he was already ready to fight
As a 90 years old man, he got his face burnt by Stark, yet still continued to beat the shit out of the latter

Regeneration & Recovery & Immunity

Senses & Awareness & Instincts

Psychic Defence


Presence Detection

Mental Attributes

Confirmed to be smart even before the serum
His academic performance was brilliant even before the serum
Teaches himself how to use computer a short time after he is out of the ice
Quickly learns military knowledge derived from thousands of year of warfare
His mind itself is a weapon
Lears things faster than a computer
Eidetic memory
"The greatest strategic mind the world has ever seen"
He is smart even beyond shield standard
Can master any weapons in seconds


Energy shield

Classic Feats

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