Dark Spider

Real Name

Adrian Deacon


Experiment 2188, AJ, New Spider

Powers and Abilities

Enhanced Agility and Senses, Tendril Construction, Night vision, Poisonous Talons and Darts, Web Shooting, Shape Shifting, Enhanced Spider Sense, and Wall Crawling


Mutated Symbiote Suit, Venom Darts


Adam Lopez, TJ


Alchemax Genetics Department


Electricty, Intense Sound Waves, and Gamma Radiation




After Peter Parkers defeat of Venom and Carnage, Alchemax began to experimaent on the remains of both symbiotes as well as Spider-Mans DNA to try and create a more advance and evolved specimen. After succeeding in doing so they began to fuse the symbiote with its host on a molecular level, and the first subject was a young Orphan named Adrian who under went the surgery at the age of 11. After the experiment he was granted all the abilities of both Spider-Man, Venom and even more, but had lost his memories at the same time. He escaped Alchemax after learning that they were going to duplicate and clone his DNA to create an army of symbiote soldiers and sell to the highest bidder.

Powers and Abillities

Since he contains the DNA of both Venom and Spider-Man he has access to all of their powers and even more such as multiple types of vision, poisonuss talons and darts, and the ability to regenerate serious wounds in less than 10 seconds.

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