In Earth-100809985 many things are different. For instance, it is under the control of one of the most evil beings in all universes- Thor. It may sound weird, but it is true! On this Earth, Thor has been possessed by an alternate version of Mephisto. In this universe, Mephisto is a black skinned demon with the same features as the normal Mephisto.

Under the control of Mephisto, Thor starts a new world order that bans the use of all superhuman abilities. Thor (called Devil-Thor) raises an army of demons and followers of the new world order to exterminate all with superhuman abilities. Devil-Thor and his army kill most superhumans, but some remain.

In this universe, there are four Ghost Riders- Tony Stark, Pepper Potts, Bruce Banner, and Steve Rodgers. The four Ghost Riders unite all remaining superhumans and kill Devil-Thor. In the process of doing so, they release Mephisto from Thor's body. Mephisto then takes his army and the army retaliates- eventually killing Mephisto.

Killing Mephisto results in a universal change- completely destroying Earth-100809985 and its Hell. Everybody dies except for the four Ghost Riders, who managed to escape to an alternate universe before the destruction.

The Ghost Riders soon live on Earth-1218 secretly. The only reason I know this is because I saw the Ghost Riders running on top of the buildings in Portland, Maine. The Ghost Riders where never seen again.


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