Engineer (Starguard)
Stormw cv11-1-
Vital statistics
Name Dr. Angela Spica
Species Human
Affiliation Starguard
Gender Female
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Green
Occupation Physicst, Adventurer, Co-Coordinator of Starguard and operator of The Eye
Family None
Marital Status Single
Native Universe Wildstorm Universe (Earth-50)/DCnU (Prime Earth)
First Appearance Starguard Season 1 1


Early Years

See Dc Wiki.

Angela Spica was a physict who injected herself with nine pints of nanites and became the superhero known as Engineer. Angie became a major blayer on the Authority (later retconned by Flashpoint into StormWatch).


As Doctor Strange was plucking heroes from various realities to assist in the War, he found the Engineer and contacted her for assistance in utilizing the Eye. However, Angela insisted on remaining on the team and became the Eye's operator, only occasionally leavoing it for field missions.


Angela is hot-headed and capable, along with the smartest member of the team.



Janet Van Dyne and Engineer are good friends, having grown close following their time on Starguard.


Engineer and Frosta enjoy a...frosty...relationship, frequently arguing.


  • This incarnation of the Engineer has memories from both Pre and Post-Flashpint continuity.

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