Real Name Frederick Lee Ayno
Aliases Fred
Relatives unnamed father
unnamed mother
Affiliation Big Hero 6
Identity No Dual Identity
Marital Status Single
Occupation Adventurer; former sign flipper
Gender Male
Height 6'0" (182 cm)
Universe Earth-12041
First Appearance
Ultimate Spider-Man & Big Hero 6 Crossover


Powers & Abilities


Even though Fred doesn't actually have any superpowers, he is a master at sign spinning.



  • Fredzilla Suit: Fred wears a costume with a design similar to a Japanese movie monster or Kaiju, that simulate various super powers, such as: Fire Breath, Super Strength, Super Jumping, etc. The suit is based on the fact that, as the school mascot, he always wears such suits, & his stated desire to become a firebreathing monster.
  • Frediguana Suit: In this Godzilla-like costume, Fred can use its claws to cut through even the toughest metals; those claws can even emit electricity. 
  • Mofred: In this moth-designed craft, Fred is able to glide in supersonic speed & high altitude, & it can fire lasers from its wings. 
  • Fredazon: This large reptile-like tank is armed with a mace tail. 

Battle Bots


  • His surname is based on the term "Ainu", an indigenous people of Japan & Russia. This is a reference to his Earth-616 counterpart, who is actually Ainu in origin.
  • The kanji on Fred's shirt (怪獣) reads "Kaiju", which (to some people) means "monster", but can also mean "strange beast" or "giant beast" in Japanese. Kaiju is also a popular term for the Japanese movie monster genre, a notable example being Godzilla.
  • Being rich, Fred obviously doesn't have to do his own laundry. Even so, he only changes his underwear once every four days by wearing them front & back, turns them inside out, then front & back again, a trait he inherited from his father that is later revealed at the end of the credits of the movie. He calls this recycling.
  • Because of his eccentric behavior & lack of hygiene, all of Big Hero 6 were surprised by the fact he was wealthy. GoGo even joked she thought he lived under a bridge.
  • The Essential Guide reveals Fred has a secret double life, which revolves around non-stop charity work.
  • Fred seems to have the closest relationship to Honey Lemon, as both are the most cheerful & optimistic among the team. She is also the only one not annoyed with Fred or considers him an "idiot" & tolerates his antics in stride. The two are also enthusiastic about science & have given each other nicknames (Fred gave her the nickname Honey Lemon while she calls him Freddie).
  • Fred has costumes of several obscure Marvel characters including Sleepwalker, Orka, Black Talon, & Manphibian.
  • It is clear that Fred does not know Spanish very well, as when he brings the team to his mansion, he calls it mi casa, which he claims is French for "front door."

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