Mutant X
Real Name: Simon Markks
Current Alias: Mutant X
Relatives: Unknown
Affiliates: Omega X-men
Mutant Abilities: Absorption
Place of Birth: Unknown
Creator: Tronfan



Born a Mutant with the ability to absorb any substance, 16 year old Simon Markks Broke into the MRD Containment center to rescue his brother. While escaping Simon got captured, and since he was able to absorb any substance the MRD used him as the host to infuse other X Genes Of other previously Captured mutants into him. The MRD then used him to Hunt other mutants down.

Introduction to the X-men

The 5th Mutant the MRD had Simon capture was a mutant in Westchester, New York named Wolverine. When Simon Arrives at Xaviers Mansion he sneaks in. When Simon attacks wolverine, Proffesser Xavier senses a telepath and locates Simon. When Xavier reaches Simon and Wolverine he senses mental blocks in Simon set by the MRD. Xavier Removes the mental blocks and offers Simon to stay.


Simon has always had something for Kitty Pryde. But his first Girlfriend was Rogue (possibly to make Kitty Jealous).

Mutant abilities

  • Caliban - Mutant Detecting
  • Magneto - Magnetism
  • Wolverine - Healing factor
  • Nightcrawler - Teleportation
  • Absorption