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Javerith Normair, a humanoid alien said to be reborn when the universe resets. He is the oldest living thing in the universe stating that he has been alive for 2 googol years. (pronounced google, two googol years is basically the number 2 with a 100 zeros behind it.) Just like the original Galactus he moves from planet to planet feeding on its essence but without a herald.He travels to Earth shrinking down to human size to fit in for a bit before feeding. He meets Mythos who stopped a bank robbery minutes before, and the two got along fine. But unfortunately Galactus decided it was time to say goodbye to Earth, growing to his regular size.

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Real Name Javerith Normair

Current Alias

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Planet Eater




2 googol Years

Base of Operations

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true evil
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Marital Status

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Gender Male
Height Unknown


Eyes one red one blue


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Unusual Features

Mutated hand


Universe Earth- 1,000,000
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Mythos flew to space to try and reason with Galactus, but his pleas fell on death ears. Galactus requested for Mythos to become his herald and will be spared, but the Hero refused. And so the two fought but due to Galatus' size Mythos could not bring him down. One last time Mythos tried to persuade the giant not to consume the Earth, Galactus gives in and cuts a deal. If Mythos can actually defeat him by any means necessary he will leave Earth alone until the universe resets again. Mythos agrees and recruits the likes of the Fantastic four of Earth- 1,000,000, The Avengers of Earth- 616, and Doctor Strange of Earth 8,000,000. Together they were able to deal damage to Galactus and left his left hand a mutated mess of bones and claws. Angered at them all Galactus goes back on his deal and promises to return one day.

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