im sorry if this isnt the right place to put this, but i couldnt figure it out. someone tell me where to put this next time if this isnt the right place.

This page is about my new super hero, the Iron Avenger. he is a white male with angel wings and an iron body cast. A teen geniuse, he was diagnosed with an extremly rare genetic eye disorder that would eventually couse him to go blind. After learning their wernt even eny treatments to pospone his destiny, he took it apon himself to find a cure. after multiple experiments, he discovered a way to inject hmself safly with over-radiated falcon DNA, and prey that, instead of killing him,

it would give him a falcons sence of sight. After awaking the next morning, he made a horifying discovery: two brown wings sprouting from his shoulder blades. he allso soon discovered that, in addition to healing his disorder, he had allso granted him a number of superhuman atributes: strength, agility, resistince, and inviramental adaptation, alowing him to be able to breath at increadable heights, but no higher than the outer limits of the inner layers of the Earths atmosphere. he can fly at a crousing speed of 100 mps, but can greatly exceed that. ( he once outflew Jouny Storm ( The Human Torch) but his wings were soor and he was extremly tired afterward, and it should be noted he was extremly angry at the time.) during his very first attempt at foiling a bank robbery, he was shot in the small of his back, one of his only soft spots. his life was only saved by the timly intervention of Jouny Storm and Ben Grimm (The Thing) and taken to Dr. Reed Richards. he told Wesley his superhuman durability saved his life by slowing the bullet down extremly, but death was still a very real posibility. he built wesley a lower body magnetic harness to keep the bullet from cousing nerve damage untill he could safly remove it.

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