Logan Stark is the cousin of David Stark and also David's sidekick.

Iron Centurion

Real Name:

Logan Stark

Current Alias:

Iron Centurion

Base of Operations:

Rhode's Military Force


James Rhodes,Iron Legion(Tony Stark),Pepper Potts,Spider-Man 2031,Spider-Girl,Hulk(James Banner),Iron Man(David Stark),The New Avengers


Mandarin,Crysman Dynamo,Loki,Whiplash(Jay Vanko),Red Hulk,Venom

First Appearance:

A New Iron Man


Logan has a couple suits in his desposal.

  • War Machine Mark 4 - Logan's War Machine suit that he used to battle the Mandarin with
  • War Machine Extremis - Logan's suit that David created for him with extremis technology
  • War Machine Flight Suit 2 - Logan's suit that was a copy of James Rhodes War Machine Flight Suit
  • Iron Machine - Logan's new suit given with missle launchers and with electric machine guns
  • Iron Centurion - Logan's current suit that has nano technology including a more powerful arc reactor blast

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