Johnny Storm-Summers
Vital statistics
Aliases Nova, Human Torch
Affiliation Fantastic Four
Base of Operations Baxter Plaza, NY
Relatives Susan Storm (Sister), Alex Summers (Fiance)
Age 20
Alignment Good
Sexuality Homosexual
Marital Status Engaged
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Gender Male
Height 6'0
Weight Unknown
Eyes Blue
Hair Blond
Skin Caucasian
Unusual Features Can Burst into flame
Origin Imbued with Cosmic Rays
Universe HAU
Place of Birth Glenville, Long island, New York
Created by Herman


Early Life

Johnny lived with his older sister Susan in New York suburbs. The two were very close, having to rely on each other following their mother's death and their father's descent into alcoholism. It was around this time that Johnny began to recognize his sexuality, and began to hide it with bluster and masochism.

Fantastic Four

Following an accident aboard a shuttle, Johnny, Susan, Ben Grimm, and Susan's boyfriend Reed Richards gained superpowers as the Fantastic Four. They eventually became a prominent figure in the world of superheroics, and all began to go well for Johnny. However, it would all end two years later, when the four were flying to the Moon. A mysterious force appeared, knocking them out and sending them back to Earth. Now, Johnny's sister Susan Storm was gone.


While the Thing left the Four for a personal life, the accident affected Reed in a much more sinister way. Shattered by Sue's death, Reed joined with Dr. Doom to form the Future Foundation, a society bent on conquering the Earth for its own sake. Johnny found himself leading a new team of Fantastic Four against Reed's society.

Coming Out

In a mission with the mutant team X, Johnny met the hero Calamity, and they began dating. Soon after,  the two came out together as lovers. Later, Calamity proposes to him.


When first introduced, Johnny, as the leader of the FF is an optimistic joker, but serious when need be. He  covers his insecurities with bluster, and can be quite a showoff. Folowing his coming out, Johnny relaxes a little.

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