Katty Anderssone

Project Arachne

Project Arachne
Katty's second costume


Jake Aderssone A.G.A Blue Tarantula (Father, Deceased), Jean Anderssone (Mother


Arachnid-X, Black Cat, The X-Men, The Avengers, Captain America, Antman, Wasp, She-Hulk, Tony Stark, Arachne, Spider-Woman, Hulk, Nova, Goku, Z Fighters


All Of Spider-Man's Enemies and some of the Avengers



Base Of Operations

New York




Secret Identity



Marital Status

Dating Jack Miller


Student and Fight-Crimes

Histroy and Personality

Katty Anderssone is a girl huh spent most of her childhood, be a famous girl in high school and be an awesome she have a father huh was hero but died named The Blue Tarantula he was a brave arachnid hero, but all katty wanted is to make his father alive but he did not know it before he died soon after she became 17 she have a boyfriend name jack miller a rick guy but she was a professor to learn some project but then she was sleeping and, a magic spider came to her and bite her in her hand but she feel the pain but then,

the professor hear that and he came and help her but she did not died but she have ultimate powers like super strength,speed,agility and durability, soon she was feeling the powers from an spider but in the news she saw spider-man have became one of the X-Men and calling spider-man for himself the Arachnid-X later she need to know about his father not unlike his father have powers with Stingers,Talons,Fang and Acrobatic meanwhile when she, know about him she was going to the Avengers Tower to scan her she got powers like an spider, but she did not know that but,

Project Arachne Old

Katty's first Costume

She then learn it and thinking that is easier like her believe but when she been knock out by some crimes she became, Disappointed because she never believe it easier but she knew now and her been learn and learn until she is done after she is, done she made a costume and find out she got the like her got the spider power like arachne and spider-woman and spiderman to,

Soon she was going again to avengers tower to repair some color powers she choose that and got it, later she swing by and remembered she is way better then her father is but, all her wanted is to leave a normal teenage life but when her have powers so she most do it and became the vigilante hero but her made a new costume with Crimson and Blue and swing and train martial arts, and do what father will and she hope so her, father will be proud of her, soon her was going to,

police to spoke she is a hero then police gave like a gift a cellphone so she can call the police and scan villains and calling her mother problem and what she doing, later she became the popular in the high school and became famous hero like the wants the Project Arachne!

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