Here's the list of episodes of Power Pack.

  1. Rise Of The Powers Part 1:
  2. Rise Of The Powers Part 2:
  3. Basic Training: To prove to their parents their ready to become heroes, the Power Pack attempt to bring in Abomnination.
  4. Trash Talk: The child heroes meet their match when they go face-to-face with a team of villainous delinquents known as "Trash".
  5. Grabbing The Bully By The Horns:
  6. Caught In The Web: While visiting New York City, the young heroes team up with the Spectacular Spider Man to stop the Sinister Six's latest crime spree.
  7. Ghost Of A Chance:
  8. Wendigo Apocalypse: While on a camping trip the Powers (with the help of Wolverine) must defeat the Wendigo King and break the curse on the camping grounds, using Jack's knowledge of horror movies.
  9. The Venom Within: Alex and Spider Man have to save the day when his siblings are possessed by Venom who was unleashed by Doctor Octopus and rampage through New York City to destroy Spider Man.
  10. The Mother Of All Powers:
  11. Secrets and Truths: When his siblings are affected by a rare disease, Alex seeks help from his childhood best friend Franklin Richards to find a cure, who apparently has a secret.
  12. Initiation:
  13. Herald Katie: While the Powers are on vacation in Hawaii, Galactus comes to Earth looking for a new herald and settles on the under-appreciated young Katie Powers after she defeated Terrax.
  14. She-Hulk:
  15. Bogeyman:
  16. New Girl In Town
  17. The Alien Agenda
  18. House Arrest:
  19. Visitors:
  20. Girl's Night Out:
  21. Operation: Break Out
  22. Showdown Part 1:
  23. Showdown Part 2:
  24. Jakal's Vendetta
  25. Target: Franklin Richards
  26. The Parent Trap:
  27. Alone Together:

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