This is a alternate version of Marvel's Scorpion.

The Spider

Real Name:

MacDonald Gargan

Current Alias:

The Spider


Peter Parker(Genetic Template) Kaine (Clone Brother) Venom (Clone Brother) Miles Warren (Creator) Otto Octavious (Creator)


Avengers,Dark Avengers,Sinister Six(Formerly)





Base Of Operations:

Manhattan,Avengers Mansion

First Appearance:

Scorpion #1


One of the clones created by Jackal and Doctor Octopus was Scorpion. Scorpion has some fragments of Spider-Man's memories. Scorpion's first appearance was when he attacked the S.H.E.I.L.D. Hellcarrier. Spider-Man then came and defeated Scorpion. With Scorpion knowing that Peter Parker is Spider-Man, Mac Gargan said Why don't you just take the mask off and let everyone know you are! Scorpion then breaks one of the Hellcarrier's engines and the Hellcarrier starts to crash into Oscorp Tower. Scorpion escapes the Hellcarrier and realizes that the explosion from the engine scarred his face.

Gargan was horrified to see his face like this. Gargan then builds a new Scorpion armor that is as strong as Doc Ock's tentacles. For months Gargan tried to find a cure and he came across the Lizard. Scorpion did not know that Spider-Man was after Connors. Gargan decided to make a cure for his face by taking the Lizard's DNA. When Scorpion and the Lizard spot each other Scorpion takes a DNA sample but from Iguana.When Scorpion realized that his face wasn't cured he was mad.

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