Real Name Marrina Smallwood
Current Alias Marrina
Aliases Leviathan
Affiliation Avengers
Base of Operations Department HCanada
Identity Secret Identity
Citizenship Canadian, Plodex 
Marital Status
Occupation Government operative
Education High school
Gender Female
Height 6' 0" (Variable as Leviathan)
Weight 200 lbs (91 kg) (Variable as Leviathan)
Eyes Black
Hair Green
Skin Yellow
Unusual Features Large opaque eyes, webbed hands & feet, gills where her ears would be.
Origin Plodex hybrid with human DNA, formerly also shark DNA, genetically enhanced & in mutated Plodex form
Universe Earth-199999
Place or Birth
First Appearance


Powers & Abilities



  • Amphibian: Although aquatic by nature, Marrina can exist as comfortably on land as she does in the sea. She can remain underwater indefinitely, & function at ocean depths that would normally kill the average human being. Marrina possesses gills, which allow her to oxygenate her body, similar to those of a typical fish.
  • Shape-changing: At times, Marrina's Plodex genetics forced changes to her physiology.
  • Offensive secretion: Upon instinctual command, Marrina's body can secrete an oily residue designed to fend off attackers. The secretion causes the pupils of a victim's eyes to sharply constrict, rendering them temporarily blind.
  • Water control: Marrina has limited control over surrounding bodies of water. She can channel existing volumes of water into a large, moving spout, & ride upon the crest of the spout should she choose to. The exact limits & range of this ability have never been measured, but Marrina can direct the flow of water for several miles without any strain upon her person. 

Leviathan: When Marrina's Plodex instincts take hold, she becomes savage & even homicidal. Her hands transforms into talons that can cut through steel. 

Strength level

Able to lift roughly 650 pounds.




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