Marvel: Mystics is an Indian miniseries which retells the Marvel comics story with more mystical and supernatural twist as opposed to that of scientific origins of real.
  • Marvel: Demons
  • Marvel Demons S2



Mystics are the paranormal humans who have the ability to open Gates. They have great presence, thus making them target of Rakshasa. Experienced Mystics become priest, monks or guides to younger mystics and supernatural tribes who resides in human world. They usually form a pact, popularly call Circus to help weaker Mystics. They were said to bring peace within different species during an unknown date.


Rakshasa are the evil beings with carnivorous diet for human. They seek to absorb Mystics to get ability to stay in human world without any restriction. Rakshasa are animal like human beings or unclassified creatures from an hellish dimension made by Gods. Sir Web said that "These damn Rakshasa are something, that even the Hades will be ashamed to bring them to Hell." Rakshasa's true desire is to defeat Gods by wiping out their dearest creations, Humans.


Elemental are human being with ability to control elements of Earth, Fire, Water, Lightning and Air as well as their sub forms. They are different from any humanoid or elemental Rakshasa in a fact that they can attain a permanent human form and can stay in human world. They control there elements by summoning elemental spirits in the environment.


They are the group of people, who can posses an Divya-Ashtra (Weapons blessed by Gods). If someone finds a Divya-Ashtra, then he becomes a Warrior-class Humans. They hunts Rakshasa. Some do for earn money from wealthy Mystics. Warriors' power depends completely on the Divya-Ashtra and are always teased by Paranormal creatures for their dependence on them. Warriors who gain full contol gets power equivalent of demi-gods.


Humans with high spiritual power can summon spirits and steal abilities of different paranormal beings by forming a contract, which is done mainly by giving blood samples or part of memories. Shamans are different from Mystics in the facts that they have weak spiritual presence and lack their own 'unique' ability and does depends on text books and talisman to achieve the title of Wizards.


They are modified humans who were created to match the Rakshasa strength. The result are they are stronger and better than humans but with side effects. They were used as soldiers to use Asura, a combination of Rakshasa and Divya-Ashtra.


They are some human beings, who are chosen by some special Divya-Shastra. They have blood of both pure Mystics and humans (rarest of all species) and thus have advantage of being classified into any class.


Aatma are spirits that roams earth. Evil aatma with high density of presence can posses a human, granting them great powers, which are mainly energy(aura) based.


Name Species Faction/Group Skills and Powers
Pavithr Prabhakar/Spiderman Exclusive SHIELD Pavithr wears red and blue spiderbracelets which shoots webs. Ability same as main timeline Spider-Man
Hari Oberoi Exclusive Rebellion
Nalin Oberoi/ Green Goblin Demi-human + Rakshasa Asura Six Enhances strength and aura control. His Rakshasa form is Green reptilian skin with ability to transmute aura into black hellish flame
Rogue Shaman Asura Six Power Stealing
Nightcrawler Warrior + Rakshasa Asura Six Teleportation and fencing
Jagat Storm (anglo-indian) Elemental The Four Pyrokinesis and Fire transformation
Rhodey/Iron Machine Demi-human Stark/ SHIELD A Demi Human with ability to open his various power seals to fire projectile. His armour resemble mainline Iron-Man armor but more bulkier and greyish with no weaponry and with hindi alphabets which boost armor.
Lagan Bhai/ Wolverine Demi-human Rebelion A Mumbai Don turned saviour. An handsome man with claws shaped like a Hindu Trident.
Steve Rogers/ Captain Warrior SHIELD An american hero who uses Divya-Ashtra shield with most powerful defense ever
Karan Eklavya Baaijon/ Hawkeye Warrior SHIELD With Divya Ashtra bow, Hawkeye can fire arrow shape energy blast which act like trick bows
Meera Jain Mystic The Grey Circus
Dr. Octobus Aatma Asura Six Tentacles made of pure energy with users skin being made of aura and gel like black layer. Tentacle with great strength and sharpness
Rhino Rakshasa Asura Six Strength and Steel like hard skin
Scorpio Rakshasa Asura Six
Dr.Remedios Demi-human The Four
Suman Storm Mystic The Four
The Thing Rakshasa/ Elemental/Human The Four
Tony Stark Human Stark Industries
Ezeikel Sims Mystic ---
Sir Web Mystic/ Shaman ---
Sandman Elemental
Professor Xavier Mystic Circus X
Varun Basker/ Hulk Demi-Human/ Rakshasa ---
Nick Fury Human SHIELD

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