This wiki is now home to an rp system! Rps are held on the Forums, in a yet to be added section. The store is here.


Can I be my favorite super-hero?

You can rent them or buy them.

What does renting them mean?

You play the character for a certain rp.

What does buying a character mean?

You own them until you leave the wiki or give them up.

Can I trade characters?

Yes, with another player.

Do I Get Any Heroes to Start With?

Yes. You get to start out with one hero and one villain. Whenever you wish to begin your rp experience, message and admin with your top three choices of a hero and villain. The admin will review your choices and determine whethe rany of them can be yours,.

I can't afford my favorite character!/Someone Else Got It First! Unfair!

Get over it. The truly popular character are easier for users who edit more and have seniority to get.

Are villains available?


How do I buy a hero from the store?

A hero's availability is based off the user's seniorty, editcount, and achievments. From there, users request a character, and the character goes up for auction. There is no currency of the claim, but to discover who has the better claim, we add up scores based on the following criteria:

  • Years on Wiki
  • Edits divided by 100
  • Achivement Points divided by 100

May I rent a hero another user owns?

yes, but you must ask them.

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