Brainiac (Dimension X)
Vital statistics
Aliases Brain Boy, Mace
Affiliation X-Force 5, Mutant Force
Base of Operations Penthouse 5
Relatives None known
Age 24
Alignment Good
Sexuality Unknown
Marital Status Unknown
Status Active
Physical attributes
Gender Male
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Eyes Brown
Hair None
Skin Caucasian
Unusual Features Exposed, super-large brain.
Origin Super-smart mutant who founded X-Force 5 to save the "stupid" world from threats it could not understand.
Universe Dimension X
Place of Birth Texas
Created by Next X-Man
Quote1 No one knows me. I was Brain Boy, and am Brainiac, but who is Mason Henry? We were the same, but these idiots can't see it. All they see is the one saving their butts, not who he is. I'm the brains, the weapons dealer, but what does it really mean to me? Not as much as I put into it, that's for sure. I'll do it, though, for without me, or my teammates, there would BE no world, no interview, it would all be crumbled under some villain's thumb. So I'll save it under mine instead. Quote2

Brainiac is a super-smart mutant, and current X-Force 5 member. He is a former member of the Mutant Force.


Mason Henry started life as a childhood prodigy. He had very few friends, because he grew up smarter than almost everyone he knew, including his parents. Thus he was bullied brutally for his childhood, shaping his views on everyone "beneath" him. But he also developed a deep respect for humility, which kept him from becoming a villain. He was, however, appreciated by his adults for his commitment to his studies, and hailed as a genius, which indeed he was. He graduated college at the age of 16.

One night, the night before his local science fair, he created a particle laser that could tap cosmic energy, teleport it to Earth, and fire it as a beam. This was potentially capable of cutting diamond. But some thugs came to verbally assault him and mock his project. When he defended his project, insulted them in ways they could not understand, and showed them how the prototype worked, he mortally wounded a thug. He was beaten nearly to death in a resulting fight where the project was destroyed, as he was beaten with it.

Mason later woke up in a room with the man known as Mimic. He was told that his family was killed by the thugs, and they were apprehended. He was told that he was a mutant with extreme intelligence and superhuman inventing skill. He was then set to train with the upcoming group of trainees in Mutant Force that was solely made of outcasts. He was the outcast OF the outcasts because he could not train with his powers, only draw invention plans. But he was an excellent strategist, so he was accepted into the group. When they opted to split from Mutant Force, Brain Boy was neutral to whether they left or stayed, so the group opted to leave. He followed, and could not have been more pleased with the decision. For a time, he also adopted an armor when it appeared the Tank had been killed.

Powers and Abilities


Super Smart: Brainiac is smarter than any known non-enhanced humans.

Omnilingual: Brainiac has the ability to instinctively understand any language, including the ability to talk to technology.


Expert Combatant: Brainiac is better at combat than his teammates: he trained harder since his powers have little use in the field.

Weapon Expert: Brainiac is a master with weapons, and can build nearly anything.


  • Though Mason Henry was created before the show premiered, his personality was designed around the Big Bang Theory's Sheldon Cooper. A socially inept genius, he prefers (in order) saving people, inventing, and down time.
  • Brainiac's character was created to effectively split Mr. Fantastic into two people: the brains and the powers (see Rubber Boy).
  • His powers are similar to those of Mr. Fantastic's intelligence and Forge's inventing.
  • Brainiac briefly wielded an armor resembling Iron Man's.

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