Memory Chips
Official Name Memory Chips
Universe Earth-12041
Lead Designer Tadashi Hamada (First)
Hiro Hamada (Current)
Origin Designed to program Baymax
Current Owner Baymax


Baymax's first chip, the Healthcare Chip, was created by Tadashi Hamada in order to make Baymax the nursing robot that he was intended to be. It is a green-colored chip with an icon of a smiling doctor & a sticker with the name of its creator on it.


  • Healthcare Chip: This chip contains a database of medical knowledge, giving Baymax knowledge to be able to care for the sick & injured, whether physically or mentally.
  • Fighting Chip: This chip gives Baymax the ability to battle.
  • Dragon Chip: When this chip is inserted into Baymax, specific Microbots appear & combine with him to form "Dragon Mode"


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