Men in Black: Paranormal Unit is a fanfictional American comic paranormal action spy series that is a spin-off of the Men in Black franchise. Like the franchise, the series is based on Lowell Cunningham's The Men in Black comic book series, except it follows the comic's other major standard, i.e. monitoring & investigating both good & evil paranormal activity on Earth, which include demons, mutants, zombies, werewolves, legendary creatures, etc. 

Plot summary

Agent X is a member of the Men in Black's Paranormal Unit, which monitors & investigates both good & evil paranormal activity on Earth. Their remit includes demons, mutants, zombies, werewolves, legendary creatures & other paranormal beings. As with the main Men in Black, in order to keep their investigations secret, much of the global population are unaware of their activities, & are liable to be neuralyzed to blank their memory of any interaction with the agents.

The series follows X, along with attractive specialist Y & the newbie W, as he deals with situations that involve paranormal activity. 


  • TBA as Agent X (Ecks): The main protagonist of the series, X is depicted as a confident person, although he can be cynical when it comes to results. In the comics, X was originally a member of Men in Black, but he became a rogue agent after learning the truth behind the MiB: That they seek to manipulate & reshape the world in their own image by keeping the supernatural hidden.
  • TBA as Agent W (Double U): A new recruit of the MIB's Paranormal Unit. He is somewhat a cocky & overconfident person, yet he's always ready for a mission. He is a blonde Caucasian, which was the original ethnicity of Agent J in the comics. 
  • TBA as Agent Y (Wye): The Paranormal Unit's beautiful mission specialist & X & W's love interest.