Metron (Starguard)
Vital statistics
Name Metron
Species Unknown, Similar to New Gods
Affiliation Skybreak
Gender Male
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Blue
Occupation Scientist
Family None
Marital Status Divorced
Native Universe DC Universe (New Earth)
First Appearance Starguard Season 1 1


Early Years

See DC Wiki.

Metron is a scientist and explorer obsessed with knowledge. He has been roaming the universe for untold eons, associating with the New Gods but is not truly one of them.

Insane Quest

At some unknown point, Metron determines that the best way to study the universe would be to unravel reality and examine its threads. The Phantom Stranger arises to meet this threat, but is forced to call upon Dr. Strange for help when met with the magnitude of this threat. Dr. Straneg assembles a team of heroes from many realities to combat Metron. However, Metron had already planned for this and knew exactly which heroes they would pick- excpet for the Wasp. This throws off metron's plan, delaying his doomsday plan. Metron then begins the long war against Starguard.


Metron eventually comes to realize that he will need help to expediently dispose of Starguard, and so forms a group of likeminded individuals- Skybreak. Consisting of death-worshipper Thanos, insane genetisct Mr. Sinister, and unhinged powerhouse Dr. Manhattan, Skybreak was considered to be more then a match for Starguard. However, the heroes proved to be equally strong and so the war rages on.


Metron expresses very little emotion.



Metron is obsessed with the death and dissection of the Wasp.

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