Official Name Microbots
Universe Earth-12041
Lead Designer Hiro Hamada
Origin Designed by Hiro Hamada
Current Owner Hiro Hamada, Yokai
Previous Owners Hiro Hamada, Yokai



The microbots can be controlled mentally with the use of a neurotransmitter. The swarm of robots can be used to build anything its controller wishes, & create different figures. The microbots can mimic the move patterns of a liquid, & turn completely solid & extremely durable. Using a combination of this two properties allows their controlled to use them as a form of transportation, like a slide.


  • Hydro Microbot - These Microbots derive their energy directly from water; they attack using hydrogen.
  • Bio Microbot - They attack by means of using Bio-Chemical Energy. The Microbots release chemical energy & convert it to heat energy.
  • Magna Microbot - These Microbots are magnetic; they have the ability to attract iron, nickel, cobalt, or certain specific other kind of metal-made Bots.
  • Solar Microbot - These Microbots derive their energy from the sun that is converted into thermal or electrical energy.
  • Thermo Microbot - They attack by means of using Thermal Energy.  It is the way to create heat combustion to fire or launch attacks against the enemy. 


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