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In 1992 on Earth 1,000,000 a S.H.I.E.L.D scientist by the name of Branden Oglethorpe left the organization due to disagreements with co-worker on how useful the Avengers really are. Branden opened up a lab in the barn of his farm house where he came up with an experiment to protect the Earth better than the Avengers can. Over the course of 4 years he gathered the DNA of Several heroes, villains and some unknown. These samples consisted of Deadpool, The Hulk, Peter Parker and Doctor Doom after the 4th try. In 1996 his experiment created a being whom he called Mythos, he let the experiment out of its containment pod.

Branden taught his creation the ways of the world and how he is supposed to be the one who brings peace to earth and one day the universe. Mythos as the years went on Mythos and his father moved from the farm house to the city, where Mythos choose to give himself the name Khalil Oglethorpe. Branden enrolled his son in Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters, where Mythos received super hero training.

Vital statistics
Real Name Khalil Olgethorpe
Current Aliases Unknown
Aliases Unknown
Relatives Branden Oglethorpe (father)
Affiliation None as of yet
Occupation Superhero
Born August 17th 1996
Age 20
Base of Operations New Brand Labs ,Manhattan New York
Alignment Good
Identity Unknown
Nationality Unknown
Marital Status Unknown
Education Unknown
Status Unknown
Physical attributes
Species Unknown
Gender male
Height 5'7
Weight 185 lbs
Eyes brown
Hair black
Skin Unknown
Unusual Features Regenerative abilites
Origin Unknown
Universe Earth 1,000,000
Place of Birth Oglethorpe Family Farm
Voiced by Unknown
Mythos graduated and moved to New York with Branden. Here he fights small crimes like bank robberies and bringing murderers to justice. Braden created a robotic wolf companion for Mythos to help him fight crime whom Mythos calls Snow. Mythos was told about the Avengers through stories his father told and him and hopes to get a team of his own to call the Pegasus corp.


Mythos is a very calm and kind person not wanting to resort to violence at first, but since he shares the traits of the hulk he can be easily angered when provoked.

Likes: Nature, learning, being a hero in general

dislikes: Aliens, thieves, spinach

Attire: A black shirt and pants with a white trench coat. He wears one red and black glove on his right hand which has the control for Snow built in.


Insane regeneration- Having the DNA of both Deadpool and the Hulk he can regenerate limbs and organs within seconds.

Super strength- Sharing DNA with the Hulk he is able to lift as much as the Green behemoth can.

Flight- He gained this ability from an unknown source his father refuses to tell him.

Spider sense and webs- He is able to use Peter Parker's webs and spidey sense. Although he chooses not to use the webs he does use it when there is no other option.

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