People think Captain America was the first ever hero, but they were wrong, during 1879, a scientist called Dr. James Bell created a syrum so he could understand the universe but instead it allows him to breath in space and have the power's of the universe. James than creates a small metal stick filled with the universe's elemental power and gravity itself.

he started creating many different items and costumes, but then his town gets attacked by a group of angry murderers he must save it with his new powers, he than became Nexus.

During 2012, they find Nexus floating in a casket in space, when Iron Man unlocks the casket, he finds that Nexus is still alive, at first he attack iron man. but then he get's used to the twenty-first century and develops a new suit and set of power's.

Later he joins the Avengers, and helps them out but when one of the villains from 1879 return with even more power, Nexus finds out that the villains atom's absorbed the blows of Nexus.

During Avengers: Earth's Mightest Heroes Season 3 episode 1 they meet Nexus and the avengers must help him defeat the villain Tyras.

Yellowjacket, Hawkeye, Iron man and Captain America becomes really close to Nexus.

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