Nova/Calamity is a miniseries produced as a follow up to the television movie HAU: Rise the Phoenix.


Tim Jacobs, creatuve director of Marvel Visionary Productions, announced the project at Comic-Con. "It seemed onlY natural," Said Jacobs. "This couple had gained so much traction that this was the only logical way to go." He also announced that the miniseries would consist of five ten minute episodes. A few weeks later, Jacobs posted a teaser image of the familiar blue skin tone and yellow diamond.



Supporting Characters

  • Reflection (Susan Storm)
  • Arachnid (Peter Parker)
  • Basilisk (Scott Summers)


  • Myst (Raven Darkholme)
  • Ascension (Gabriel Summers)


X-enemy Myst appears in downtown Midtown, interrupting Alex and Johnny's arrival in their new apartment. However, she proves to be but a warmup for the main event, Alex's long lost brother.


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