Kyle Black

The human aspect of Occult. Provides the body and memories of Occult.


The demon aspect of Occult. Provides the power and experience of Occult.

Supporting Characters

Damian Fargos

The confident and best friend of Kyle. Although he stays out of action, he wields two pistols and a machine gun when necessary. Currently living in Washington DC.

Tara Anderson

Kyle's beloved. Secretly holds a mystic power herself. Has actually helped Occult on occasions.

Delila Gorgon

Archaeologist obsessed with the holding of Occult.

Harry Young

Damian Fargos' associate. Tasked by the government to assasinate Kyle. Unfortunately, Damian has seen to it that won't happen!


Blood Mage

A sorcerer enhanced and possesed by the bloody demon Jernvok. Posseses twice the power of Occult and unlimited invulnerability, Blood Mage is Occult's worst enemy . . . or is he?


Although he doesn't know it, Deronda is behind everything bad in Kyle's life. Her identity will shock you . . .


Black Mansion

Home of kyle Black. Filled with secret passages and hallways, including one that leads to his Tower of the Occult.

Tower of the Occult

This is his HQ as Occult.


A witch city in England where Occult occasionally visits and trains.


The Augur Saga

The Augur Saga is the first book of Occult. It narrates Occult's origins and trials.

Chapter One: Darkness Falls

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