Real Name: Unknown
Current Alias: Psychot
Relatives: unknown
Affiliates: Self Affiliated
Mutant Abilities: *Psionic manipulation
Place of Birth: Luna, Nebraska
Creator: Freeman23

"Leave him alone!" Wolverine to Nick Fury concerning Psychot.

Psychot could easily be among the most powerful mutant to have ever lived. But thanks to Hydra who knew which woman would birth him, they carved him out of her before he had fully formed. The result was an emotionally unstable individual with near god like power. Hydra's greatest mistake was allowing this individual to get away, because Psychot was infamous by that point to be merciless.


Psychot has never known love, nor family. Not long after being ripped out of his mother and placed into an artificial birthing matrix, Psychot had his mutant gene's accelerated by Hydra operatives within shield at the time.

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