Ragnos Thorson

Age: Looks mid twenties

Height: 6'

Weight: 390

Build: Muscular/Athletic

Cloths: Dark blue denim jeans, black boots, t-shirt (various colors), short sleave button up shirt (various colors), black and silver fingerless gloves. 

Armor: Black/red/silver form fitting full body armor, black/red/silver boots, black/red/silver gauntlets. Runes etched into armor.

Weapon: Two bastard swords named Fenrir and Surtur.

Fenrir: 41/2 foot long bastard sword, gray Uru metal double edge blade. Wolfs paw guard and wolf heads pummel. Enchanted to expel blasts of ice from blade and cut open doors into other dimensions.

Surtur: 41/2 foot long bastard sword, gray Uru metal double edge blade. Demon head pummel and demon claw guard. Enchanted to expel fire from blade. Able to cut open doors into other dimensions.

Powers and Abilities

Superhuman Strength: Able to lift 100 tons without armor and 200 tons with armor.

God Invulnerability: Not effected by tempature, diseases, and highly resistent to all forms of damage.

Superhuman Speed: Able to run or fly at extreme speeds.

Superhuman Stamina: Can exert himself for an unknown time at peak capacity.

Superhuman Senses: Able to see and hear at extremely long range.

Self Sustenance: Able to survive in the vaccum of space and doesn;t need food, water, or sleep.

Flight: Able to fly under own power.

Master combatant: Able to go one on one with his trainer The Valeyrie. Master in several weapons and fighting styles.

Rune Magic: Able to wield Rune magic with great ease for diferent spells.

Weakness: Only extremly strong magic or force can damage him.


Born to God of Thunder Thor Odinson and Lady Sif. He did well in academics, but truly shined in the magic and combat arts. Gained his swords Fenrir and Surtur after his first mager victory during the Odinsleep, where he felled a couple hundred ice giants and dark elves. When Tony Stark told Thor about creating a second team for young heroes as a second line of defense called the Neo-Avengers; Thor spoke/w Lady Sif and Odin. They all agreed to let Ragnos joing them. 

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