Replica jpeg

Replica in a yet unseen adult form


Replica is a 12 year old amneisiac hero from the fan fiction I,replica


Replica can deeply analise anything an replicate any power from someone who he knows is near to him (about 20 meters range if he knows that they are there but cant sense them with at least 1 of the 5 senses(not including extra senses added by means of super power) or about 100 meters if he can detect them with at least 1 of his senses). both of these powers activate when ever possible unless Replica knows how they work, which curently he dosent. when he replicates powers, they stay forvever.

Replicated powers

invisablity, force fields, danger-sense, wall-crawling, super strength, super-speed, super-stamina, super-durability, super-agility, super-reflexes, super-balence, healing factor, super intelegenc,e super senses, Insulated Weather Adaptation, Psionic Resistance, bone claws, adamantium skeleton, Hyper-Intelligence, Plasticity, Telepathy