Real Name Robert Callaghan
Current Alias Yokai
Aliases Man in a Kabuki Mask
Relatives Abigail Callaghan (daughter)
Affiliation Formerly San Fransokyo Institute of Technology
Agent of Deadline
Base of Operations San Fransokyo
Identity Public Identity
Marital Status
Occupation Terrorist; former head of robotics program at San Fransokyo Institute of Technology
Gender Male
Hair Gray
Origin Human technology user
Universe Earth-12041


Powers & Abilities

Like Hiro Hamada, Yokai's primary source of power are Microbots. With the transmitter created to gain control over the miniature robotic army, Yokai is able to transform the robots into a deadly force, capable of immensely dangerous acts. To control them, the headband of a transmitter is inserted within his kabuki mask, & without said mask, control over his Microbots will cease, thus rendering him powerless. Though he generally lacks physical strength, Yokai has been shown to have a considerable amount of physical attributions, as seen during the car chase through the San Fransokyo streets. Even so, such attributes aren't utilized in other scenes, as he heavily relies on his Microbots & own, personal cunning, to do away with his enemies.

The Microbots are capable of forming into anything the mind can conceive. When in battle, Yokai's typical course of action will be to form the Microbots into a giant, spear-like shape, which will swiftly strike at his enemies in hopes of impaling them. He will also use the strength of the Microbots to utilize surrounding objects heavy in weight to crush his enemies, such as a cargo container, a car, or a massive piece of concrete.

The Microbots can also be used as Yokai's source of transportation on multiple terrains, as they are capable of being used on both solid land, & sea. During travel, Yokai will usually stand at the high center of the Microbots, which will be formed into a mountainous form during such occasions.

It should also be noted that Yokai's secondary source of power is his own intellect. With such power over the mind, Yokai was able to carry out his plot to solely rebuild Krei's portal (which is an example of his vast intelligence, in & of itself), steal Hiro's Microbots, & duplicate said inventions without having law enforcements catch on. In fact, if it weren't for the unintentional interference of Baymax, Tadashi's healthcare robot, Yokai's plot would have very well succeeded.




Battle Bots


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