Scarlet Armor Mark II
The Scarlet Savior Armor Mk II is Scarlet Wing's Light Artillery Armor. It was developed in TurboTech by Turbine Force following HeroTech's capture by corrupt government officials.



Aside from the last armor's weapons, (see Scarlet Savior Armor (Mk I)) Mark II features metal 25% stronger snd 50% faster. Unlike the previous model, it has collapsible rocket boosters as so not to hinder him. New features include guantlets that shoot 5 small missiles, and a consistent laser beam, and boots that magnetically adhere to the ground, and contains spare parts.


Unlike the previous armor, this model has no insignia, because the surface of the Armor was granted new Stealth capabilities and access to radio waves and television broadcasts. (free Wifi!)


Following HeroTech's descent into SinisterWare, Scott's good ally Occult deemed the Scarlet Savior armor to dangerous and so another vriend, Turbine Force, developed a new suit. However, following the recapture of SinsterWare, Scott would on many occasions return to Mark I.

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