Scarlet Wing

Scarlet Wing I/Scarlet Savior (Scott Richardson)

Scarlet Wing

Scott Richardson was the first to take the mantle. He formerly relied on acrobatics, accelerated healing, and a single sai, but as of 2025, he relies solely on his Scarlet Savior Suit.

Scarlet Wing II (Evan Trent)

Scarlet Wing III

Evan as Scarlet Wing

Evan Trent became the second Scarlet Wing in 2012, unknowing that the opriginal was alive and well. He relied on flight and his axe, but was killed tragically in an encounter with Decay.

Scarlet Wing III/Scarlet Shadow

Scarlet Wing IV

Dahlia Carlos received the blessing from her friends dad, (the original Scarlet Wing) in 2063 following his son and her friend's death. She relies on acrobatics and her power gloves.

Scarlet Wing IV

Alternate ScarletWing

Scarlet Wing IV

This Scarlet Wing is Zackary Richards, who exists in an alternate earth. He relies on flight, invulnerability and telepathic communication with Class Aves. He found himself trapped in the mainstream future, where he currently operates alonside Dahlia Carlos.

Supporting Characters



Scott Richardson

Scarlet Wing: Trial by Fire

Scarlet Wing: To the Finish

Scarlet Wing: Rebirth

Scarlet Wing: Final Choice

Scarlet Savior: Odyssey

Evan Trent

Scarlet Wing: Second Coming

Scarlet Wing: Fun Right By the Sun

Scarlet Wing: Untimely

Dahlia Carlos

Scarlet Wing: Vengeance

Scarlet Wing: Fulfillment

Scarlet Wing: Regenesis

Scarlet Wing: Project Hope

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