Shadow Hawk
Shadow Hawk
Shadow Hawk

Real Name:

Joseph Reline

Current Alias:

Shadow Hawk


  • Shadow Hawk,
  • Joey (only by Deadpool)
  • The Avenger of Death


  • Robert Reline [Father] (Deceased)
  • Sara Reline [Mother] (Deceased)
  • Lucile Reline [7 year old sister] (Deceased)


The Night Guardians

Base Of Opperations:

Los Soledad, NM


After The Barbarian Monger Caused his parents' car to get into a fatal wreck, and him being the only one who survived that wreck, at age 17 Joseph Reline decided to avenge his Family's death, thus creating the Shadow Hawk


Earth- 616

Place of Birth:

New York

First Movie Appearence:

The Night Guardians


After the Murder of his family, Joseph Reline, AKA Shadow Hawk, was never the same. He grew up in the worst part of town after that incident and trained himself in hand to hand combat, and wielding a sword. He also took up some flying lessons just in case he needed them.

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