Real Name Skratt
Relatives Unnamed father
Base of Operations Mobile
Identity Secret Identity
Citizenship Snark
Occupation Scout
Gender Male
Eyes Red
Hair No Hair
Skin Green
Unusual Features Reptilian features
Origin Snark
Universe Earth-199999
First Appearance


Skratt was a Snark scout tasked with finding Power Pack for Queen Maraud. He managed to find Power Pack's house when Katie, in a moment of anger, used her powers, allowing Skrat to track her energy signature. His father ordered him to wait for backup & not engage Power Pack alone in combat, but Skratt convinced him to give him this chance to proof himself, hoping to get promotion to warrior class Snark if he succeeded. He went to the house, but Power Pack easily defeated him & forced him to retreat.

Sometime later, Skratt decided to team up with Jeremy, a human crook who had just been defeated by Power Pack. Skratt gave Jeremy superpowers of his own so he could be a match for Power Pack. Since Julie had decided to quit Power Pack at the time, Skratt & Jeremy were able to defeat the other three members of Power Pack & capture them. The two brought the captured kids to their house in an attempt to lure Julie out of hiding. Julie however managed to free her siblings, after which the four of them lured Skratt & Jeremy into the basement & opened Dr. Power's interdimensional portal. An octopus monster came through the portal & snatched both villains, dragging them into the portal. Neither have been seen since.

Powers & Abilities

Strength level

Those of an average Snark scout.



Powered armor. Various alien weapons & tools.


See Also

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