Quote1 Seriously! Can't You turn on the Air Conditioning?!?! No wait.. I CAN! Quote2
--Travis Ether (Before Transformation) 

Sleet is a 16 year old super hero and is a good friend of Tony Stark. He was the first hero triplet of Clara Ether.


Sleet (Travis Ether)


-Harry Ether -Montana Ether -Craig Ether -Clara Ether


The Serrated The X men The Avengers

Base Of Operations

The Drunk Pixie


-Iron Man -Wolverine -Deadpool


-Mana -Magneto -Thanos

Travis Ether didn't go to high school like the other kids did. He was the lockpicker in a gang of vigillantes known as "The Serrated" who stole food from the wealty and gave them to the homeless and the poor. One misty evening, he went to the museum and stumbelled across a weird asteroid which was calling out his name whenever he got close to it. He touched it and he gained the powers of the insectoid god of ice called Karamatra (He resembles a Cicada). Then onwards he became Sleet.


His powers are that he can make endless snowstorms that he can control. He can also fly and he tap into other people and gain their powers. Travis is also considered a genius for his age since he can teleport using his mind.

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