Real Name Smartship Friday
Current Alias Friday
Affiliation Power Pack, formerly Aelfyre Whitemane
Base of Operations Earth, formerly KymelliaKymellia (Space Station)
Identity No Dual Identity
Marital Status Single
Occupation Artificial Intelligence
Education Programmed by Kymellian Scientists
Origin Kymellian Spaceship
Universe Earth-199999
Place of Birth KymelliaKymellia (Space Station)
First Appearance


Friday was just like any other Kymellian smartship, but Friday happened to belong to Aelfyre Whitemane at a time when Aelfyre became involved in an incident on Earth. Snarks attempted to kidnap Dr. Power & his family because Dr. Power had developed a matter/antimatter converter that the Snarks desired. Aelfyre sacrificed his life to save the Power family & in doing so gave powers to the Power children. These children then became know as Power Pack. Friday teamed up with these children for a while but being a giant spaceship made it difficult for Friday to go wherever the rest of the team went. So Friday frequently took trips by himself or allied with others. Later, while rescuing Emperor Bhadsha, Friday crashed & was nearly destroyed. But because Friday had played such an integral role in the lives of Power Pack & in preventing a Snark war of succession, Friday's "brain" was recovered & rebuilt into a newer, more advanced version of a smartship.

Powers & Abilities


Friday has a limited ability to change shape. Mostly this is done to provide for the needs & comfort of passengers. Thus Friday can transform from a single compartment ship into a multiple compartment ship as needed. Friday is also able to travel through different environments including underwater.


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