Spider-Man 20 (episode) is the second episode of Spider-Man: Greatest Hero.

Major Events

  • Spider-Man goes to Ben Riley's universe and meets Spider-Man 20.


Theres trouble in Ben Riley's universe a clone of Spider-Man called Spider-Man 20.


  • Spider-Man
  • Ben Riley (Scarlet Spider)
  • Madme-Web
  • Zac 10 (Ben Riley's universe) (flashback)
  • Doctor Strange (Ben Riley's universe) (flashback)


  • Spider-Man 20 (first appearance)
  • Dormmamu (Ben Riley's universe) (flashback)
  • Carnage Symbiote (Ben Riley's universe) (flashback) (destroyed by Spider-Man 20)
  • Venom (Ben Riley's universe) (flashback)

Aliens used

Aliens used by Zac:

  • Rath
  • Heatblast
  • Diamondhead

Aliens used by Spider-Man 20:

  • Heatblast
  • Fourarms
  • NRG
  • Bigchill
  • Rath
  • Humungosaur
  • Eon
  • Eatle
  • Fasttrack
  • Ultimate Spidermonkey


This is Zac's second appearance in the show.

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