Spider-Ham the animated series is a 2013 animated television series based on the comic book of the same name . 
141px-Peter Porker (Earth-8311)


Peter Porker is the son of Explorers Rick and Mary Porker. However they were killed  after encountering an evil tyrant. Since then Pete has been living with his uncle Bacon and Aunt May.

However one day at a school field trip he is bitten by a radioactive spider and gains super powers. At first he uses his powers to enter a wrestling contest and win some cash however the manager refuses to pay him causing him to left a thief steal the money. However Peter finds Uncle Bacon dead and discovers that the thief he let get away was the killer. However the thief stumbles in fear and falls through a window into a river causing him to die. Peter then remembers what his uncle Bacon told me "With great power, comes great responsibility". Since then he has devoted his life to fighting crime as the Amazing Spider-Ham.


Season 1

This begins with Peter struggling to maintain life after Uncle Bacon's death. His grades have been slipping due to not having enough sleep to pay attention and his aunt is running out of money to pay the bills. Peter gets a day job at the DailyBark and is hired by J. Jonah Jackal he asks him to take pictures of Spider-man. However Jonah puts bad headlines featuring Spider-pig as a menace. If that wasn't enough a Group of Supervillains known as the Six have formed. Could his life get any worse.

Season 2

Strange things are happening in New Pork City.When Colonel John Jackal's ship comes back it comes with some weird alien goop that becomes "attacked" to Peter. Not only does it make Peter into a Mega Jerk it begins controlling his mind and emotions. And if that's not enough Aliens called the Skrulls and Kree are having a war: On EARTH!

Season 3

Pete's graduating from High School however college might not be his greatest challenge. It is revealed in the 2nd season Ducktor Doom is the tyrant who killed his parents. Boy being a hero sure is easy(sarcasm).


Main Cast

  • Tobey Maguire-Peter Porker/Spider-ham
  • Barbara Bain-May Porker
  • Jason Marsdeen-Harry Oztrich.
  • Grey Delisle- Mary Jane Crane
  • James Arnold Taylor-Johnny Simian/Human Torch
  • Greg Cipes-Flash TomCat
  • Kevin Michael Richardson-Nick Fury
  • John DiMaggio-Bacon Porker

Supporting Cast

To be added

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