Class BH: Below Human

Class H: Human (Physical Strikes are below superhuman.)

Class KJ: (Physical Strikes are Street level to Wall level)

Class MJ: (Physical Strikes are Room level to casual Room level)

Class GJ: (Physical Strikes are Building level to low end Multi-City Block level)

Class TJ: (Physical Strikes are high end Multi-City Block level to Large Town level. Punches comparable to low end nukes)

Class PJ: (Physical Strikes are Small City level to Large City/Mountain level. Punches comparable to high end nukes)

Class EJ: (Physical Strikes are Large Mountain/Small Island level to Large Island level.)

Class ZJ: (Physical Strikes are Small Country level to Large Country level.)

Class YJ: (Physical Strikes are Small Continent level to Continent level.)

Class NJ: (Physical Strikes are Large or Multi-Continent level to Moon level.)

Class XJ: (Physical Strikes are casual Moon level to Planet level.)

Class XKJ: (Physical Strikes are casual Planet level to low end Large Planet level.)

Class XMJ: (Physical Strikes are low end Large level to casual Large Planet level.)

Class XGJ: (Physical Strikes are casual Large Planet level to Star level.)

Class XTJ: (Physical Strikes are Large Star level to Solar System level)

Class XPJ: (Physical Strikes are casual Solar System level, but below Multi-Solar System level)

Multi-Solar System Class: (Physical Strikes are Multi-Solar System level to various degrees)

Galactic: (Physical strikes have enough energy to physically destroy our Milky Way Galaxy)

Multi-Galactic: (Physical strikes that contain enough energy to destroy several galaxies at once)

Universal (Physical strikes that can destroy everything in a Universe with a single punch)

High Universal (Physical strikes with countably infinite 3-Dimensional power)

Universal+ (Blows that can destroy a universal spacetime continuum in a single punch)




High Multiversal+

Low Complex Multiversal

Complex Multiversal

High Complex Multiversal

Low Hyperversal


High Hyperversal


High Outerversal

True Infinity

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