Superior Avengers
Official Name: Superior Avengers
Aliases: Avengers
Earth's Mightiest Heroes
Status: Active
Identity: Public
Alignment: Neutral
Universe: Earth 14665
Base Of Operations: {{{Base Of Operations}}}
Team Leader: {{{Team Leader}}}
Second In Command: {{{Second In Command}}}
Current Members: {{{Current Members}}}
Former Members: {{{Former Members}}}
Allies: Guardians Of The Galaxy
Fantastic 4
Enemies: Sinister 6
Dark Avengers)
Masters Of Evil
Creator: Shadow Of Darkness


You'll Do 'Vastly More Good For The City As Part Of My Personal Avengers... The Superior Avengers Spider-Man
Spider-Man took over The Avengers And Renamed Them The Superior Avengers.


Equipment: None Known Transportation: None known. Weapons: None known.


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