Real Name Unknown
Current Alias Technocrat
Identity Secret Identity
Citizenship Kymellian
Occupation Former leader of the Kymellians
Gender Male
Eyes Pink
Hair Black
Skin Yellow
Unusual Features Like all Kymellians, has horse-like features, including hooved feet
Origin Kymellian
Universe Earth-199999
First Appearance


The Technocrat was the creator of the Kymellian techno-world, a.k.a. Kymellia II, which the Kymellians relocated to when their original homeworld was destroyed. He was also the leader of his race while they were living there. Under his rule, the Kymellians grew more & more dependant on technology. However, he lost his position of power & most of his technological achievements when Maraud destroyed Kymellia II &, with Power Pack's help, the Kymellians migrated to a new natural world, Kymellia III.

Since they both hated Power Pack, Technocrat teamed up with Maraud to kidnap Alex Power, Dr. James Power, & Margaret Power, & replace them with pseudoplastic copies. Technocrat made sure to keep Maraud at bay at all times. His final goal was trying to recreate the Annihilation Formula that Dr. Power had once discovered (& which was the reason Maraud once captured him as well), with the intend to use it to destroy Kymellia III so that the Kymellians would become dependant of him & the other technicians again.

When Power Pack discovered the truth, they came to the satellite in which their brother & parents were held captive. Maraud meanwhile was looking for a way to regain control of the satellite & her army. In doing so, she discovered that the Technocrat had connected his whole body to the satellite, making the whole satellite his body & mind. Maraud eventually blew up the Satellite, but Technocrat kept her from escaping & while Power Pack got away, Maraud & Technocrat were apparently blown up along with the satellite. Though Maraud showed up again alive & well several years later, Technocrat has not been seen since.

Powers & Abilities


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