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Real name: Asim Last name (unknown) Height: 8ft Weight: 2300lbs Eyes: White (with no visible iris or pupil) Hair: None Occupation: Soldier Citizenship: Muhammassan(mu-ham-massan) Empire Affiliation: Warriors of the Final Jihad Base of operations: Mobile HISTORY His true identity and origins are unknown before his induction and "process" which altered his mind and body. Once he was selected by the Supreme leader, Abdi, he was put through an implausible regiment, from embibing noctious elixirs and subjugated to painful routine injections, exposures and tests. Sequestered for months alone within a sealed metal chamber where he was bombarded by tourtuous yet colorful energies in an experimental proceedure. Once released he began a series of violent metamorphasis experiencing excruciating genetic "shifts". He lost all body hair and some minor appendages, including; his ears and pinky finger and his overall mass increased. As he "shifted" he assumed 3 different geological forms; a "sand-like" formless material, a hulking, rocky opaque monster and a sleek near translucent diamond form. Initially these "shifts" were random and uncontrollable but thru painstaking efforts he has learned to control these changes and new forms. There was also a sufficient wain in Asim's mental faculties digressing him from an independently functioning adult to that of a child's mentality. POWERS Transmutation: Terran is a Geo-Morph capable of assuming 3 earthen material forms ; Sand, Carbonado and Diamond. There seems to be no apparent limit to the amount of time he can remain any one of these forms or taxing effects to multiple shifts between them.

In all 3 forms he posses seveveral superhuman abilities Peak human speed: He can move his head and limbs, run and react with the speed and reflexes of an Olympian level athlete.

Hyper-strength: Though his upper limit has yet to be determined, in the past he has hoisted over 75 tons with minimal effort. Toppled a 5-story building with a single punch and thrown a loaded media van over one mile away.

Immortality: Since his transformation he no longer requires food or liquids, to breathe oxygen or sleep and shows no visible signs of aging.

Sand form --invulnerability(limited) --shape-shifting --elongation --sandstorm --flight(limited)

Carbonado form --invulnerability --stone toss --shape-shifting(limited)

Diamond form --invulnerability --immunity --diamond slivers

Limitations -- cannot assume human form --diminished mental capacity

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