The Bolt Chase Super Speed
Spider-teen Eric Parker Web-Slinging, Spider Sense, climb on walls, super strength
Wolverine X Candice McCoy Super Strength, Regeneration, Claws, Super human smell
Bio-Hulk Jake Banner Super Strength, Super Durable, Super Jump
Ant-Boy [[]] Super Strength, Talk to insects, Super Shrink
Captian America 3rd Generation Stacy Rogers Super Strength, Super Durable
Thor Ryan Mjonir Super Strength, Super Durable, Super Jump, Control over Lighting, Sense danger


Iron Woman 2209 Candice Stark Missiles, Machine Guns, Solar Power Beams, Nuclear Beams, Can Hack anything, Fly, Super Durable, Super Strength
The Falcon Sam Wilson Jr Super Sight, Flight, Machine Guns, Sense Danger, Super Durable, Super Strength


Paradoxa Charles Freeman Time Travel, cloning, Ability stealing, super strength

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