This book is still under construction. It is from the Young Marvel series, by HunterofArtemis12. 

About Captain AKA Charlie

Charlie is just a regular kid trying to make a difference in the world. He is about 13 years old with light brown hairs and a spray of freckles across his nose and cheeks. He has a habit of eating a lot (he insists he's growing) and has a bright sense of humor. Captain America picked him as his apprentice because he has the same intentions as e did and was a good fighter who showed promise.

His history is tragic, he was left in a box on the street with a note describing when he had last been fed. A kind lady called Miss Abel found him and took the small baby home. She named him charlie after the street she found him. He grew up under her protective arm, ignoring the taunts of his peers for his silly jokes and his inability to learn well. The only thing he seemed to excel in was Physical Education.

Charlie took many sports and karate lessons during and after school every day.


When Charlie see's a bus falling off the side of a brisge he jumps into help. Coincedentially as he struggles to lift the bus, on the other side was Captain America dragging it from the other end. As Charlie works to free thee bus, he slips and plummets downward. (What happens then you will have to read.) Captain America later recalls his selflessness and asks him to be his apprentice and to succeed him when he retires. Charlie agrees and they fight a number of battles side by side. Thus Americas first Young Avenger. Later in te end Charlie is introduced to new members of his team such as Ironboy. The two will be the first of the Young Marvel team.

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