The Friends is a short in Spider-Man: Greatest Hero

Major Events

  • Zac returns


Spider-Man and Zac talk about there stories.


  • Spider-Man
  • Zac 10
  • Gwen (flashback)
  • Kevin (flashback)
  • Ben (flashback)
  • Captain America (flashback)
  • Iron-Man (flashback)
  • Madme-Web (flashback)
  • The Beyonder (flashback)
  • Optimus Prime (flashback)


  • Carnage (flashback)
  • Venom (flashback)
  • Darkstar (flashback)
  • Dormmamu (flashback)
  • Forever Knights (flashback)
  • Lucubra (flashback)
  • Spider-Man 20 (flashback)
  • Future Vilgax (flashback)
  • Alpha (flashback)
  • Dr.Animo (flashback)
  • Megatron (flashback)

Aliens used

Aliens used by Zac:

  • Diamondhead (flashback)
  • Rath (flashback)
  • Echo Echo (flashback)
  • Ultimate Echo Echo (flashback)
  • Ultimate Cannonbolt (flashback)

Aliens used by Ben:

  • Cannonbolt (flashback)
  • NRG (flashback)
  • Shocksquatch (flashback)
  • Upgrade (flashback)


Spider-Man: I'm the biggest hero!

Zac 10: I'm the biggest hero!

Spider-Man: I had alot of adventures like fighting Dormmamu and Venom.

Zac 10: So did I, like fighting Megatron and saving the whole universe!


This short is kinda of like the Ben 10/Generator Rex: Heroes United commercial.

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